insider fraud

City Clinic
March 1998 - March 2015

Systematic fraud by
insiders killed City Clinic.

To our patients, staff, suppliers friends and family we thank you for your unwavering support over the last 17 years.

Your Personal Information is Not Safe in Australia

The book, "The REAL inside Story", scheduled to publish last quarter 2015, reveals just how far Australia is behind the rest of the world when dealing with employee fraud, data theft and identity theft in the health industry.

The theft of your personal information by employees of any business is not illegal in Australia. Employees, in fact any person provided authorised access to a business, can steal your personal information with complete immunity from prosecution.

The underhanded tactics, including data theft, misleading and deceptive conduct, identity theft, passing off all used by employees to destroy one of Sydney's most successful health centres are all legal under our current legal system and are being perpetrated by insiders every day destroying lives and costing Australian business owners billions of dollars each year. In the US, UK and Europe these individuals would be facing serious jail time.

If you are or were a patient of City Clinic and you received change of address SMS's and/or emails anytime in the last four years (Since July 2010) your personal information was stolen by the sender(s). These senders included a Massage Therapist - July 2010, a locum Osteopath - October 2010, another Osteopath March 2011, our Acting CEO, three Chiropractors, a Podiatrist, Physiotherapist and Receptionist - July 2012 and a Naturopath March 2013.

Their Job function required access to secured systems. They mis-used that access in one case even providing a hacker with their login to your files to extract the personal information of patients. Each of these individuals breached their contractual obligations and entered into a conspiracy to commit fraud to avoid the investment, risks, resources and time required to build a profitable practice. They abused the trust of patients, colleagues, staff and management to steal the goodwill and intellectual property of their employer and used the relationship with you as a patient to achieve unjust enrichment.

These were experienced health professionals netting in some cases upwards of $600,000.00 each per annum. Each of them came to City Clinic with nothing more than a university degree, some with experience, some none. It wasn't the lack of cash required to start a new practice, they just didn't have the kahunas to put their own money, time and resources on the line. Stealing their employers investment and goodwill was a much easier road to starting their own businesses without the normal associated risks.

Who these bottom feeders are, how they penetrated security, the underhanded tactics used and where they are now are all revealed in the book "The REAL inside Story".

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