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Elite Athletes - and DXA Body Composition Scanning

the most accurate DXA body comp scan available in Australia
Nick Roach - Chicago Bears
If you are a professional coach, fitness coach / trainer or manager of a professional team or elite athletes contact us and we will show you through our facility and provide you with a free DXA Body Composition Scan for you to evaluate the results.

If we meet all your expectations we will be happy to negotiate a contracted rate for your athletes for their first and future progress scans.
Australian Hand-Cyclist, Todd Philpott
8 Times World Hand-Cycle Champion
Runner, Manfred Wolscher
7 Times Balmoral Burn Winner (40-50 age category)
Athletes are always looking for the perfect body fat to muscle ratio, that sweet spot of optimal weight, strength, speed, and endurance. Their potential is largely dependent on the ability to sustain power both anaerobically and aerobically, and to overcome heavy resistance. Both of these variables are highly correlated to body composition.

Our experience shows that the correct portion of muscle mass increases strength, power, and agility, which are essential to optimising athletic performance. Nutritional intake/timing and a strict physical training regimen go a long way to accomplishing this goal, but in order to fully maximize potential, it’s important to measure progress with honest and objective feedback, so a stagnating or ineffective program can be changed.

Looking in the mirror or monitoring weight on a scale, while helpful, isn’t enough information to fully prepare the body for competition that requires optimal power, speed, and endurance. Throughout the duration of a training and/or nutrition program, you need to know whether the weight you’re gaining or losing is lean muscle or fat, and how balanced your development is. This is why obtaining a detailed analysis of your body composition, and not just a body fat percentage, is so important.

A DXA scan’s direct measurement of your body composition provides this data and separates itself from other methods because of its scope of application. Professional teams use DXA to track their players’ progress during and after the season. The Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, USA, utilises the technology to assess and develop training programs for their athletes during the off-season.

Chicago Bears linebacker, Nick Roach, is one of many individual athletes who utilises the data and analysis from his scan to more efficiently tailor and assess his training and nutrition programs while preparing for the long NFL season. Due to a history of leg injuries, he especially likes to monitor his lean mass balance, so he can reduce his chances of pulling a muscle or worse.

Below are a few more applications adopted by athletes and professional coaches and trainers in the US who regularly refer their athletes for DXA complete body composition analysis:

    • Knowing your body composition and specifically your body fat and lean mass distribution helps you better determine the type of fuel mixture to use before, during, and after workouts and practice along with pre-competition fuel (e.g. athletes with lower body fat typically need more calories and carbohydrates than athletes with higher body fat); this is also a factor in a maintenance program in the off-season, when many athletes are still fueling for competition (out of habit) but working out significantly less or at lower intensity.

    • Body composition testing helps formulate a training program that builds muscle, lose fat, or both. With information from a DXA scan, you can establish a baseline, compare your lean and fat mass distribution to elite athletes in your sport or at your position, then design a specific program that will help you reach your goals more optimally. Follow up scans will ensure you’re making the progress you need to maximize performance.

    • Athletes get injured. It’s a fact in any sport. During rehabilitation, fat gain and muscle atrophy (loss) are common phenomena. A DXA scan helps trainers and physical therapists monitor these variables along with the resulting lean mass imbalance that results from injury. This information can then help them adapt rehab workouts, rest, and nutrition plans to reflect your body’s specific needs during its recovery.

    • There are countless mental/emotional roadblocks to athletic success. For many female athletes, weight gain, even when the gain is due to muscle, can lead to obsessive behavior and often an eating disorder. DXA scans provide the ultimate reassurance test to athletes, so they know that the weight they gain is the ‘right’ kind of weight.

Overall, knowing your body’s total composition is much more important than measuring fat. More and more athletes and teams alike are recognising that identifying the exact distribution of lean mass and fat mass is more valuable than a body fat percentage. It’s a more effective tool for developing meal plans and other nutrition strategies; monitoring progress; optimising performance; rehabilitating an injury; providing motivation; and discovering irregularities in behaviour.

Note: Some information kindly provided by DXA FIT, Chicago, USA.
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  • Active Release Techniques

    I am an Ironman triathlete and for the past 4 years I have been plagued by achilles/calf overuse injuries, severely hampering my running ability. I have been to physios, chiros, herbal remedies, acupuncture, massage (the lot) all with limited and short term success. I was starting to get depressed and despondent about my injuries and thinking that t his was it, they weren't going to get any better than this.

    I then read about ART - Active Release Technique, in a number of triathlon magazines, but found that the few practitioners in Australia (let alone Sydney) weren't conveniently located for me. That was until I was recommended to City Clinic in Sydney (for acupuncture) and found they practiced ART. In a little over 3 months the treatment has been my saviour - they have been able to free up all the scar tissue that had built up in my achilles/calves over the years and have got me back running consistently but more importantly pain free.

    The only thing holding me back now is my level of fitness and I'm looking forward to my next Ironman. Thanks guys, you have given me back the sport that I love.

    Steve Taylor - Ironman

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    I've been using Active Release Technique (ART) for more than four years. I've found it to be the most effective method for dealing with hamstring and back injuries.

    Stephen P. Robbins, Ph.D.

    Call now: 02 9304 5000 | Book online | Write a review | Chat with us |

    After Geoff, my Chiro for the last five years, recently moved away to the good life in Byron Bay I have been looking for a new Chiropractor to take over where he left off.

    I am into weight training and have been for over 20 years. I enjoy it immensley and rarely miss a day. As a consequence I do suffer a range of niggling injuries however a visit to the Chiro every couple of weeks or so and I'm back on track.

    One of the guys from the gym recommended City Clinic so I booked a session with one of their Chiropractors who I now know also practice Active Release Techniques. Had read about it however never experienced it. With all due respect to Geoff I have to admit City Clinic's Chiropractors are excellent. After only two sessions I'm feeling better than I have felt for years.

    If you are into heavy weight training you'll know the frustration you feel when a niggling injury interrupts your training. All I can say is "see City Clinic", and you'll be back in the gym better than ever.

    Thanks guys, see you in a couple of weeks.


    Call now: 02 9304 5000 | Book online | Write a review | Chat with us |

    I developed very sore tennis elbow in 2004 – the severity ranged from difficult to work at a computer for a day’s work and progressed to not being able to lift a cup of coffee – I basically became left handed just to avoid the pain. After seeking evaluations and treatments which included chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy and two cortisone injections over the course of the next two and half years, I had almost given up.

    In late 2007 I started having Active Release Technique (ART) treatments at City Clinic. There was improvement after the very first treatment and with every subsequent treatment it just got better and better.

    After several months of treatments my arm had recovered to the point that I could do all the activities I was normally doing prior to the injury including working full time and working out to rebuild all the muscle deterioration. What can I say ART works!


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  • Acupuncture

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  • Chiropractic

    I've suffered major back pains which have led me to many places , but all seemed low on experience, and helped me temporarily. This clinic helped treat my physical condition and mental condition, explaining the condition and purpose of my recent constant pain and most importantly, how to treat it daily.

    M Webb

    Call now: 02 9304 5000 | Book online | Write a review | Chat with us |

    City Clinics' Chiropractor is an amazing practioner who has made a huge difference to my quality of life. I have suffered from back and neck pain over the years and seen many different specialists, doctors and natural therapists. Finding City Clinic and being treated with ART (active release therapy) in combination with chiropractic treatment has made a huge impact on my day to day quality of life. Being pain free and knowing that when i do need treatment from time to time -- it works -- quickly and effectively, i can do more now and feel great! Thanks you are wonderful practitioners..

    L Hamileon

    Call now: 02 9304 5000 | Book online | Write a review | Chat with us |

    These guys are excellent. I first attended their practice when it was in Crown St after injuring myself at a nearby Gym years ago. I was doing a particular exercise incorrectly (behind the neck military press), which I still see a lot of people doing. They fixed the injury, showed me the correct way to do the excercise and got me into Pilates which I have been combining with my Gym training ever since.


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  • Dexa Scan Sydney™

    I had my DXA Scan in October 2011. Unfortunately the results were not what I expected and certainly way different to another scan I had with another company a few months before.

    To their credit however they sent my results to a scientist in the US and then provided a whole lot of info on a new calibration system they use. It turned out the calibration for their DXA was not set right when it was installed. They organised for me to have another scan at no charge and the results were significantly different and in line with the DXA I had with the other company.

    I see one of their Chiro's fairly regularly and have always had excellent service from all their staff so it was no real surprise when they went out of their way to solve the DXA scan problem for me.

    Can't recommend them enough. They really are a very friendly and professional team.

    Michael L

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  • Health Assessments

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  • HemaView™

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  • Kinesiology

    For many years I have worked in improving my health of the mind, and body through various means. Yoga, meditation with the combination of osteopathy treatments, have helped with my posture and reduction of neck and back pain.

    Having an initial session of kinesiology helped me put into words where these niggling body pains stem from, and how my thought patterns are an influencing factor as well.

    It has helped me go a step further in my aim for self-improvement. Thank You and I am looking forward to my next appointment.

    Mrs Galimberti

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  • Massage

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  • Naturopathy

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  • Nutrition

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  • Osteopathy
    I'd like to let everyone know how great I am feeling these days now I have my life back!

    Having endured regular migraines for twenty-four years and at my worst I was suffering three migraines every ten days. Even preventative medication did not provide any relief from regular migraines.

    It is frustrating to think of the number of days I have wasted due to a migraine over the years that can not be replaced. On good days I was also tolerating pain in my back, neck and hips, but because it wasn't as bad as a migraine, I was putting up with pain and trying to tough it out.That was before I commenced regular visits with Matthew Clark for migraine relief and management of the pain in my back, hips, and neck.

    I credit Matthew for making a dramatic improvement in my health and lifestyle. Due to his Osteopathic treatment I am free of regular migraines, relieved of daily pain and no longer require medication. I highly recommend treatment by Matthew to anyone suffering migraines or pain, it's change my life!

    Kind regards, Felicity
    Call now: 02 9304 5000 | Book online | Write a review | Chat with us |

    I had my first appointment with City Clinic this morning ..... this was to treat a sore/strained bicep muscle in my right arm. The service was excellent and the treatment very professional.


    Call now: 02 9304 5000 | Book online | Write a review | Chat with us |

    I suffered from a chronic pelvis condition for over 2 years and was recommended to visit City Clinic's Osteopath. Unlike other medical diagnosis given to me without identifying my condition, they pin-pointed it immediately, informed me the extent of my condition and what it would involve. I proceeded with visits with steady progress to the place where I was totally relieved from any former pain and now back to normal. I can highly recommend City Clinic for the high standard of practitioners and their integrity.


    Call now: 02 9304 5000 | Book online | Write a review | Chat with us |

    I had never been to Osteo before so I was a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect when I was recommended to go to City Clinic for my sore neck that I had for 2 months. Their Osteo was very professional and fixed my neck and rest of my back in just two visits. I was very happy and he was very honest with how many sessions I required. City Clinic has great opening hours so if you are unable to make it during work you can visit before or after.


    Call now: 02 9304 5000 | Book online | Write a review | Chat with us |

    I cannot fault them. I have been going to the Osteo there and he has fixed all my issues, I am straight and un-injured now. They are really good which is what you want when someone is dealing with your back and spine. It is such a senstivie area, you want to know the person knows what they are doing and can be effective in managing your injury.

    Justine C

    Call now: 02 9304 5000 | Book online | Write a review | Chat with us |

    Got my lower back fixed there a couple of times now. Very nice staff, their ostheo is highly recommended - my wife sent me there the first time and am now going for regular check ups.


    Call now: 02 9304 5000 | Book online | Write a review | Chat with us |
  • Physiotherapy

    I had my physio at City Clinic and it was wonderful. Very professional place, friendly staff, my appointment was on time. I am going there next week again. I can definately recommend this place.


    Call now: 02 9304 5000 | Book online | Write a review | Chat with us |


    I have been meaning to drop you a line to thank you very much for my recent treatment.

    I had a range of injuries to deal with but the worst was a knee complaint that was interfering with my marathon training.

    After continuing with the stretches and strength exercises it eventually settled down about 2-3 weeks before the marathon – which I completed in a time that I was very pleased with.

    I hope that you are all well and many thanks again



    Call now: 02 9304 5000 | Book online | Write a review | Chat with us |

    As a patient my interest was mainly in the quality of the services provided by their physiotherapist. I tore a ligament/tendon while playing tennis. The service I received was professional, excellent quality, very caring, extremely knowledgeable regarding what I should and not do to achieve full recovery and play tennis again.

    As for general management of the clinic, I would rate reception and ambience 8/10, SMS text appointment reminder a win/win service both for the clinic and its clients.


    Call now: 02 9304 5000 | Book online | Write a review | Chat with us |
  • Pilates

    I was referred to City Clinic Pilates by a friend who had used them for rehab. After four years of Pilates with a master teacher in NYC I expected to be disappointed as I had heard that Sydney teachers were not as skilled. So I have been delighted to find City Clinic's Pilates Instructors are excellent instructors. Plus they are genuinely nice people who I look forward to spending time with each week. I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you have any back or hip problems or just want to strengthen your core and show off a great belly this is the place for you.


    Call now: 02 9304 5000 | Book online | Write a review | Chat with us |

    I have been doing Pilates at City Clinic for most of this year. They are great instructors who have helped me to correct posture problems. They are genuinely interested in my progress.


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  • Podiatry / Sports Podiatry

    I am a new patient. These guys are great. My podiatrist was very thorough, down-to-earth, and has helped with rehabilitation of my little footsie very nicely.

    I particularly liked the professional way I was welcomed to the business on my initial enquiry. Polite, prompt service on the phone, confirmation via sms, and even could fill in the new patient form online so I didn't have to complete it when I arrived. Very smooth indeed.

    I have lots of problems... so, I'll get to sample the other professional services they offer as well.


    Call now: 02 9304 5000 | Book online | Write a review | Chat with us |


    Just wanted to let you know that I ran the city2surf yesterday in 76 minutes - my best time. While I am feeling a little worn out today, my knees are the best they've ever been after a long run like that. I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to do that / recover without your treatment.

    Thank you very much for your help and I'll be sure to come see you once I need a new pair of shoes so you can modify them again.

    Kind regards


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  • Reflexology

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